Tuna laced with pig's blood seized in Davao

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A TOTAL of 70.5 kilograms of tuna fish laced with pig’s blood was seized by Davao City Veterinarian's Office last Saturday.

Assistant City Veterinarian Dr. Esther Cherrie Rayos said that the vendors painted pig’s blood on the fish to make it look very fresh.

Rayos said their office apprehended four violators from Matina Aplaya, Puan, and Toril who attempted to sell fish in their different respective areas.

"So ang na confiscate ay buntot, panga and ulo, among others, and we were able to apprehend the violators," Rayos said.

The information earned the ire of Regional Chairman of the Ulama League of the Philippines Mahmod Mala L. Adilao, who said that whoever did that should apologize to the Muslim community as pork is considered impure.

"My reaction as a member of halal certification authority is that if ever that company bears a halal certification, it should be cancelled and if not, those who did this should ask apology to the Muslims," Adilao said.

Rayos said that the main violation of the vendors would be adulteration.

"Their violation would be adulteration, since it is not allowed. They usually use dye which is illegal and they resort to pork blood, which is still illegal as it would cause adulteration, it's not fresh anymore," Rayos said.

"Dali siya madubok and siyempre naa tay consuming public na dili nagakaon ug pork, due to religion and health reasons so lisud kaayo na ma-consume ni sa public (It would easily spoil and of course there are consumers who don't eat pork due to religion and health reasons)," Rayos said.

Rayos said that they have given warning to the four identified violators, given that in the event that they would do this again, cases will be filed against them.

They are conducting continuous monitoring and inspection on the matter.

Chicken seized

This is aside from the 4.3 tons of dressed chicken seized on the same day due to failure to secure meat inspection certificates.

She said that the container van was about to reach Bankerohan Public Market when it was apprehended at the corner of Quirino Avenue.

She said that the container van is owned by a dressing plant from Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur.

"Walay makita na meat inspection certificate so dili nato masulti na inspected ang chicken. You need meat inspection certificate in order to sell in the public (They cannot present a meat inspection certificate so we can assume the chicken weren’t inspected)," Rayos said.

She said that the owner of the meat was identified but they have yet decided whether there is a need to file a case.

She said that confiscated items will no longer be returned to the owners, and that the confiscated dressed chicken will be distributed to different agencies being still fit for human consumption.

Rayos warned consumers to see if the vendors they are buying from have meat inspection certificates in their stalls. She also advised them to buy only at legitimate stores.

Source: sunstar.com.ph

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