Davao mall's small-business congress aims to gather 10,000 Mindanao entrepreneurs

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Retail chain New City Commercial Center (NCCC) will attempt to stage the biggest gathering of sari-sari store owners in Mindanao in a congress of “Kanegosyo” partners aimed at allowing small neighborhood stores to avail themselves of big discounts from leading product makers and distributors and to access experts’ advice on cash management.

Tjader Regis, NCCC assistant vice president for marketing, said the Kanegosyo Congress would gather between 8,000 and 10,000 sari-sari store owners from September 12 to 14, with Davao City expected to provide the biggest number of participants.

He said the Davao region alone has a cardholders’ base of 150,000 entrepreneurs tending mostly to sari-sari stores, canteens, department stores and other small-business ventures.

The small entrepreneurs would meet participating product giants, among which are San Miguel Foods, Safi DC Invest, Ngosiok Marketing, Leslie, International Pharmaceuticals Inc., Wellmade Manufacturing Corp., PhilUSA Corp., British American Tobacco, Sunpride Foods Inc., Columbia Foods International, Pacific Group, Mega Fishing Corp., Virginia Foods Inc. and Universal Robina Corp.

The congress also got the commitment of known product makers like Kraft, Monde Nissin, Lamoiyan, Ajinomoto, Johnson & Johnson, JS Unitrade, Sanicare, Rebisco, Zest-O, Alaska Milk, Splash, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Green Cross, Colgate-Palmolive, Gentle Supreme Philippines Inc., Cosmetique Asia, CDO Foodsphere Inc. and Dairinz Marketing.

The congress would also feature the launching by NCCC of its Kanegosyo electronic card, to replace the gift check and cash transactions between the small stores and the NCCC.

“It’s is like the gift check system because the electronic card can be loaded,” he said.

Regis said the NCCC Kanegosyo Congress would be its 13th annual edition this year, and had seen the growth of participation of sari-sari store owners from under 1,000 participants in 2000 when it was started to 10,000 owners we target to participate.

“We see the same faces and new ones, and we believe that many of these store owners have become successful, or have maintained their small retail stores through the years,” he said.

He added that financial experts have been tapped to talk on business and cash management “because the leading cause of failure in business is the usual diversion of capital to shoulder emergency family expenses.

The NCCC-affiliated companies would open their booths. These were the HB1 stores, the NCCC Department Store, Hardware Maxx and Choice.

Source: businessmirror.com.ph

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