PhilHealth taps Davao IT firm

Subscribe Now October 16, 2013 at 08:29am

Segworks Technologies Corp., an information technology (IT) firm based in Davao city, has been accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) as a health information technology provider, a senior company officer said here recently.

“There were 20 firms all over the country which applied for accreditation but only six were given accreditation by PhilHealth,” Fred M. Nadela, Segworks chief operating officer, told journalists here.

Accredited IT firms will be given access to PhilHealth’s server to process electronic claims (e-claims) of the 1,700 hospitals in the country.

Segworks, which maintains a data center in Metro Manila, is now in the process of computerizing the services of government-run Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) here -- the largest hospital in Mindanao with 1,200-bed capacity -- to link its system with that of PhilHealth.

“Hospitals will be able to save money and time once e-claims are fully operational,” Mr. Nadela claimed.

He noted that a 100-bed hospital requires five to six people to process PhilHealth claims and that processing can run for up to two months.

With e-claims, he claimed, requests can be processed online and in real time with half the manpower.

Aside from SPMC in this city, three other hospitals in Bukidnon and one in Camiguin are connected to Segworks’ system.

The e-claims system is beneficial not only to hospitals but to PhilHealth beneficiaries as well, Mr. Nadela said.

Among others, the system enables hospitals to check real-time, upon patients’ admission, if they are PhilHealth members or if their accounts have problems.

Hence, Mr. Nadela said, the system does away with the need to present documents such as member data record which patients may not readily have.

“The hospital will be able to submit PhilHealth claims online and will be able to reduce human resources needed to process the claims from five to two people,” he said.

Mr. Nadela added that the integrated, computerized system will minimize fraud in the processing of claims since no single person can manipulate data.

PhilHealth aims to fully implement e-claims by next year, with SPMC becoming the first hospital in Mindanao to implement the system.


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