No hike in dads' pork: Sara

Subscribe Now October 02, 2011 at 06:30pm

DAVAO City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte has finally decided not to revert the Annual Development Fund (ADF) of all Davao City councilors from P2 million to P3 million in 2012. Duterte made know her decision after she handed the final draft of the proposed 2012 annual budget to the city's legislative department.

"Wala nay increase sa ADF (There will be no increase in the ADF)," Duterte told Sun.Star Davao in a text message Saturday.

The proposed 2012 annual budget, which is pegged at P4.1 billion which is P306 million or 13 percent lower than this year's budget, has been transmitted by Duterte to the City Council.

Duterte’s decision came amidst the clamor of some members of the city's lawmaking body for a higher ADF.

Last year, Duterte slashed the councilors ADF from P3 million each to P2 million for each councilor.

The main reason why the local finance committee has slashed the councilors' ADF is the loan that the city had to pay to the Land Bank of the Philippines.

Last month, the lady mayor said she is contemplating on increasing the councilors' ADF but depending on certain conditions.

She said she will then decide on whether or not she will finally pave the increase or not as soon as she transmits the proposed 2012 annual budget to the City Council.

Duterte's plan generated various comments among the councilors as well as to the city's Vice Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte.

Councilors Pilar Braga, Bernard Al-ag, and Floorleader Tomas Monteverde echoed the same sentiments that a higher ADF means a better service to their constituents.

Braga said a higher ADF will mean that they will deliver more development projects to their constituents.

For Al-ag's, if their ADF will be increased, then more requests of their constituent will be granted.

"We would be very happy if the ADF will be increased because it would mean more infrastructure projects for our constituents, but due to the financial state of our city, belt-tightening is the order of the day," Monteverde told Sun.Star in a text message.

The Floorleader said, in behalf of the City Council, they understand Duterte is facing right now in term of the city’s finances thus, he said they will submit to the mayor’s wisdom.


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