Dav Nor gov bats for continuation of peace talks

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Peace negotiations should take its full course despite the recent clashes between the military and the alleged lawless members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo P. del Rosario, chair of the Mindanao Confederation of Mayors and Governors strongly pushed for such move as local executives in Mindanao had bonded together behind calls of President Benigno Simeon AquinoIII for all-out justice.

“In the meantime, let us pursue the move of the President to hasten the negotiation while he is there,” he said referring to the present administration under President Aquino.

Del Rosario consulted Confed members amidst insinuations that President Aquino should take the full force of the military to run after those responsible for the death of 19 soldiers in Basilan.

He gained the backing of the 26 Confed members to support President Aquino in his call for all-out justice, “without neglecting what had happened in Basilan.”

“The military should pursue those who have violated the rule of law; that they should be punished to apply the full force of the law,” he said in an interview.

Del Rosario turned down calls for all-out war as he had foreseen the massive destruction that such move would bring to the lives of people living in Mindanao.

“We cannot imagine how many millions of people will be affected,” he said. “The Basilan incident is an isolated incident,” the Governor added.

In a statement during his meeting with key officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police at the AFP Eastern Mindanao Command in Camp Panacan, Davao City, del Rosario underscored the need for the militaryto uphold human rights at all cost so it “may never be misled to pursue vengeance amidst atrocities.”

“As the legal armed instrument of the Philippine Government, it is incumbent upon

you to strictly respect human rights, even if others do not, cannot, and will not,” he said.

Source: pia.gov.ph

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