Appraisal firm expands in Davao

Subscribe Now November 09, 2015 at 11:23am

Appraisers, Inc. (CAI), the leading appraisal company in the Philippines in terms of clientele, gross revenues, and market share, is now in Davao City as part of its expansion program.

The company opened its first branch in the city last Friday.

"The frequency of clients asking for our services in Davao has swiftly escalated in the last two to three years, thus, we have decided to open our office here," CAI president and CEO Jose Mari Cuervo said.

Cuervo said the Davao market has remained to be of great potential, the fact that most companies here are venturing into agriculture and property development, which are among their target market.

For 35 years, CAI has been dominating the industry as most of the biggest players in the transportation, communication, hotels and resorts, real estate, and intangible market have been its clients since 1980.

In fact, not only private businesses are seeking for their professional opinion as even the Philippine Senate Blue Ribbon Committee are among their clients who trusts the services that they are offering.

Cuervo said these companies are guaranteed of quality services because "our business brings the name of the family and we will keep the integrity solid as it was when we started."

CAI offers professional business valuation services to estimate the economic value of the client's project or enterprise using internationally accepted valuation procedures and standards.

By analyzing available historical and projected financial statements and using income, asset, market valuation approaches including present values and discounted cash flow techniques, CAI can determine an acceptable valuation to buy, sell, or continue a project and business entity.


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