Duterte orders all billboards of him removed

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Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the removal of all political billboards here urging him to run for the presidency come 2016.

Duterte, a day after arriving from South Korea to meet with investors, apparently has had enough of all the persistent calls for him to seek the country’s highest post. He said the billboards have now become an eyesore for him that he does not want to see a single billboard with his face, his name, and the words "president" and "2016" in it.

The mayor said that despite his constant declaration that he is not interested in running for president, people will not believe for as long these billboards keep sprouting in Davao City.

For those posted outside of the city and on private vehicles, Duterte, however, admitted that he could no longer take any action against it.

"Nakita ko ito sa mga kanto. And sabi nila, even outside Davao City marami ito — itong Duterte for President. I ordered my men to have these billboards removed. All the billboards in Davao City. Ako naman, I have always — not really criticized — but expressed my disdain about these things. Ang problema kasi nito, it is sprouting everywhere and walang maniniwala na hindi akin ‘yan. And maybe kayong mga taga Davao will believe me, but in other places na hindi gusto ang ugali ko, ang karakter ko, they really will think that it is me, and just playing with my people. I do not want to be a hypocrite na kunyare gusto, kunyare ayaw," he said.

A supporter from Cagayan de Oro City said they will continue to post billboards of “Duterte for President Movement 2016” in their residences and vehicles as it is their right to do so.

The supporter said that not even the mayor could stop them from expressing their desire to see Duterte become the country’s next president.

Duterte, meanwhile, declared that he will retire from politics come 2016 and would push for his daughter, former mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, to replace him as mayor. Carpio, however, was quoted as saying that she is no longer interested in politics and is content with her legal profession, stint as a TV news host, and as a part-time commercial model.

Source: 9news.ph

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