Smoking ordinance violators ignore citation tickets

Subscribe Now November 12, 2013 at 08:22am

Many violators of Davao City's amended smoking ordinance are taking for granted the violation citation tickets issued to them, Dr. Domilyn Villareiz, chief of the anti-smoking task force of Davao City, said.

In a press conference Monday morning, Villareiz said the police are extending to about five days for the violators to return the citation tickets issued to them but despite such grace period they still don’t mind returning the citation tickets.

She warned that the police will be forced to file charges against violators in court should they continue to defy the policy of returning the citation tickets.

Once a violator is issued a violation citation ticket under the ordinance, he is required to undergo a counseling and return the ticket to the police afterwards so he will not be filed a case.

The citation ticket serves as a warning and could not be counted as first offense. The first offense is the first time a case is filed against a violator for violating the ordinance, Villareiz said.

As of June to October this year, a total of 1,975 violation citation tickets were already issued, Villareiz said.

About 3,301 violators were apprehended on same period last year, she added.

The Mobile Patrol Group has the highest number of apprehensions at 1,473, followed by Police Station (PS) 3 of the Talomo Police at 564, PS1-STa. Ana Police at 234, PS4-Sasa Police at 182, and Public Safety Group at 137.

Villareiz said as of now, 14 establishments got their approval for smoking designated areas.

Based on the records of the City Treasurer’s Office, the city government has collected about P500,800 revenues from smoking violations from June to August this year.

With the new smoking ordinance, the task force is targeting the number of violators “to go down to a single digit number.”

Meanwhile, the task force is set to brief the newly elected barangay officials on the ordinance by January, Villareiz said.


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