Providing quality entertainment for Dabawenyos

Subscribe Now November 12, 2012 at 09:52am

Dabawenyos are left with more reasons to go see a movie at Cinematheque Davao, as the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) opened this month of November top-of-the-line Spanish films and Philippine horror movies. The Cinematheque was put up primarily to give its audience, in areas where it is present, a sneek peak of the culture of the other countries. In all kinds of ways, there's truth that movies are indeed the mirror of the society.

The minds behind the cinemahouse have just fulfilled their goal, as the first FDCP-operated facility in the fast-growing metropolis draws more attention from Dabawenyos with different sets of either thrilling or heartbreaking movies by foreign and national filmmakers on the screen every month.

Cinematheque has been running for four months now since its opening on June 29, this year.

The cinema is well-received and is getting more audience, as it gained more popularity day-by-day not because of the very expensive television commercials but more of words of mouth.

Perhaps, watching movies there for free is what makes more people interested to really care visiting Cinematheque located just adjacent to Pasalubong Center along Palma Gil Street.

It's especially good for students or individuals who don't have much money to burn at the malls but want to pass the time watching movies.

Cinematheque already screened four films for the Pelicula-Spanish Film Festival which ran for five days from November 7 to 11. These films were 18 Comidas (18 meals), Pan Negro (Black Bead), 80 Egunean (In Eighty Days), and Cortos Vascos, a collection of nine short films from the Spanish Basque Region.

Starting November 14, Wednesday, Philippines Horror Movies -- D'Anothers, Siquijor, and San Lazaro -- will be shown and in the last week of this month, another two films featuring the heroism of two Filipino icons -- Andres Bonifacio and Ninoy Aquino -- will be on screen.


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