Wine Tasting @ Swiss Deli

Subscribe Now November 25, 2011 at 08:09am

WHEN I thought my busy Wednesday was over, a text from my cousin Leah Albaladejo-Gabucan reminded me of another interesting event -- wine tasting at Swiss Deli-Matina branch. Yes, Davao's favorite destination for fine delicatessens will soon to open its doors to clients from the southern part of Davao, as far as General Santos City and Cotabato City. Gabucan, a Registered Nurse, will manage the first branch of Swiss Deli.

When I reached the place, my exhausted body was immediately replaced with excitement and joy by the warm welcome of owners Romano and Rochelle Venuti and business partners Markus Kehl and Peter Gilbertson.

Honestly, wine tasting was an adventure for me as I am not into wine drinking, not even during special occasions or parties. I prefer ladies drink such as Baileys Irish Cream mint chocolate, hazel nut and coffee flavors, and the colorless, odorless, all-time favorite water.

So, when Leah handed me my first glass of wine, I was a bit diffident whether to drink it without delay or observe the difference of each distinct smell, color and taste – salty, sweet, sour and bitter.

So, how does one do the wine tasting? According to Stacey Slinkard, a writer and wine expert, there are uncomplicated steps that will surely make one feel like a pro in no time.

First, look at the color and clarity of the wine. Pour it in a wine glass and tilt it to check the color. If it is red wine, the color could be maroon, purple, ruby, garnet, red, brick or even brownish. If it is white wine, it is clear, pale yellow, straw-like, light green, golden, amber or brown in appearance. You might be interested to also look for sediments, bits of cork or any floaters. This will indicate whether the wine is old or new.

Second, smell the wine's aroma by swirling your glass for 10-12 seconds and then take a quick whiff to gain a first impression. Continue to inhale through your nose and try to distinguish the flavor -- berry, vanilla or citrus.

Third, take the taste test. This final step starts with a small sip and let it roll around your mouth. With this, one would know the alcohol content, tannin levels, acidity and residual sugar.

After going through all these, the next step is to record the similarities and differences of each wine that you have tasted. How does it work with foods like bread, cheese or a heavy meal. This will guide you in choosing the wine for your next party.

Meanwhile, at the wine tasting party at Swiss Deli-Matina, guests were treated to an array of imported wines from Australia, France, South Africa, Switzerland, Spain and USA.

These wines and other liquors, together with the favorite, delectable deli goods and processed meats will be available when Matina branch opens anytime this month.


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