Drivers told to comply with Tesda's standard

Subscribe Now May 28, 2014 at 08:39am

FOLLOWING a recent series of road accidents in Davao City, a city councilor suggested Tuesday that drivers must comply with a proficiency standard set by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Tesda).

Councilor Leo Avila was pertaining to the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Department Order 2011-25, which provides for a "driver proficiency standard as additional requirement in the exercise of the regulatory powers of LTFRB to issue certificates of public convenience (CPC)."

Avila said the rising cases of road accidents are very alarming and the city has to look for ways to reduce it.

"Aside from looking into the road worthiness of the vehicles, we must also look into the (public utility) drivers' skills," he said during the privilege hour of the regular session Tuesday.

Based on the DOTC order, drivers of public utility buses and heavy trucks should be certified by Tesda with Driving National Certificate (NC) III, while drivers of all other modes of public land transportation should be certified by Tesda with Driving National Certificate (NC) II.

"Driving requires skill or knowledge. We hope that we can really make sure that in Davao City, for the safety of the riding public and commuters, this has to be properly done. We have drivers who are proficient and skilled to drive on the streets of Davao City," Avila said.

A copy of the traffic accident statistics of the Traffic Management Center (TMC) showed that there are a total of 6,870 traffic accidents from January to April this year. Of the number, 2,754 cases caused minor injuries, serious injuries, homicides and damages to property.

There were a total of 2016 accidents in January, 1,064 in February, 1,972 in March and 1,818 in April.

Private vehicles recorded the highest number of vehicle involved in accidents with 1,377, followed by motorcycles with 699.

Avila said should the city adopt DOTC's policy, the number of accidents will be reduced if not attain a zero occurrence.


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