The rise of Aeon Towers

Subscribe Now May 16, 2012 at 10:14am

IN ONE of the bustling domains of downtown Davao City will soon rise the first state-of-the-art mixed-use condominium that will surely bring Dabawenyos' mode of living to a notch higher. The promising concept of this project is seemingly in the forefront in changing how the people of Davao should live a modern life, with its architectural marvel that resembles nothing else in the country.

The 35-storey Aeon Towers sitting along J.P Laurel Avenue will be embellished with an affluent number of lights. An adornment that will make the building to standout from the rest of the infrastructures surrounding it at night.

The company behind the making of the project is the FTC Group of Companies. The project is expected to come out grandiose with P2.5 billion to be infused for the construction of the high-rise building and the only state-of-the art condominium in the metropolis to be erected so far.

Maria Victoria Pescador, executive sales and admin head of Aeon Towers, said the mixed-use condominium is incomparable to the other existing box type condominiums. Box type are those typical condo units in the city.

Aeon Towers has more than 500 units, each equipped with elegant modular cabinets and tiled floors and semi-furnished.

Resting in a 4,574-square-meter lot, the high-end condominium will also play host to a five-star hotel. Plus, a supermarket as well is also part and parcel of the master plan, occupying 50 percent of the total ground floor area. So, the mixed-use comes primarily from the combination of a condominium, a hotel, and a supermarket all in one roof.

However, it seems the concept for mixed-use goes beyond. There will also be restaurants and bars, and even a luxurious infinity pool.

"We will maximize the entire area for the building," she said.

This way, the FTC Group of Companies is making condo living not convenient but rather transformative for Dabawenyos.

The groundbreaking for the building is said to be in December this year. The developer will also start clearing out the existing infrastructures around the area starting in the third quarter of 2012.

Construction works are set to be completed in June 2016. That's four years from now, which is not so long for such a gigantic building.

Pescador, however, said it can be done in as early as three years, by 2015 most likely.

Aeon Towers is composed of 35 levels, of which 30 floors will be utilized for the condo units and the other five for the basement, according to Pescador.

Construction will start in the last quarter of 2012 yet, but with its majestic plan Aeon towers has started to lure in would-be occupants.

Pescador said they have already received letters of intent on 25 percent of the total number of units.

Two of its unit classifications are a studio-type, which costs P2.5 million and a penthouse at P20 to P30 million, which only explains the luxurious urban living.

The executive said by the time the unit is turned over to the occupants "the can rent it out," saying that it is more lucrative to rather invest the money in a condominium than placing it in the bank.

"Other condominiums, they rent it out from P20,000 to P30,000 a month," Pescador said, adding that renters can make the unit a semi-hotel type.

The rise of the single high-rise infrastructure will attract more investments for more high-end architectures. If not now, perhaps in the immediate future. Moreover, along with these developments comes the progress in the lives of Dabawenyos.


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