Davao bans plastic bags starting June 28

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Non-biodegradable plastic bags and polystyrene foam as food and beverage containers will no longer be allowed in this city starting June 28, this year. Polystyrene foam is more commonly referred to as Styrofoam and is widely used as fastfood container.

City Councilor Melchor Quitain said in his privilege speech that this move abides by Section 7, Article V of the Ordinance 0361 series of 2010 or the Davao City Ecological Solid Waste Management Ordinance of 2009.

According to the ordinance, only recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable containers are allowed to be used as food and beverage containers.

"Starting June 28, 2012, the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags and polystyrene foam as food and beverage containers is completely, totally, and absolutely banned in our city," Quitain said.

Also, Section 10, Rule VI of the ordinance’s implementing rules and regulations encourages the food and packaging industry to develop a more environmentally friendly container to replace the non-biodegradable ones.

Quitain said those who violate the implementation of the ordinance will face criminal liabilities and penal sanctions.

"No one can avoid criminal prosecution and conviction by claiming unawareness of the provisions of the ordinance, because ignorance of the law excuses no one," he said.

He also urged business establishments in the city to secure beforehand a substitute to the plastic and polystyrene plastic bags that they use for packing, so that they can better prepare when this ordinance takes effect next month.

"That way, there will be no hassle and abrupt disruption of business activities in the city," he said, adding that by doing this, violations against Ordinance 0361 can be avoided as well.

Quitain said he will also propose to the City Council the passage of a resolution to involve the City Environment and Natural Resources Office, the City Legal Office, Business Bureau, and the Waste Management Board in the information drive to inform the public about the new ordinance.

Source: sunstar.com.ph

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