Learning center made of recycled plastic to rise in Davao City

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A children’s learning center made out of repurposed plastics will soon rise in the far-flung village of Marilog district here.

Called Eco-brick Project, it aims to highlight the importance of reducing wastes — especially single use plastics like water bottles, sachets and candy wrappers — and help the government in managing solid wastes.

Hannah Chloe Cano, vice president for Business JCI-Duwaling and chairperson for the Eco-brick Project, said the initiative is in line with their advocacy to help reduce waste in urban areas. The project is a joint venture of Junior Chamber International (JCI)-Duwaling, SM City Davao and Plastic Solution.

Cano said JCI-Duwaling will collect the plastics to prevent these from going to the sea that could harm the marine creatures or clog waterways that cause flooding.

“We will continue and help the government’s campaign in taking care of the environment, our city and our community even in the simplest way we can,” she said.

Cano said JCI is also conducting eco-brick workshops every Saturday that started on Saturday (March 9) to encourage others to collect plastics and help build the learning center.

JCI Duwaling started the initiative to repurpose plastic bottles by stuffing it with non-biodegradable wastes. For hard plastics like egg containers, disposable spoon, fork, and container will be cut down into smaller pieces to fit into the bottle.

The bottles will become simple, alternative fillers in constructing walls and fences for classrooms, houses, benches, library, etc.

“We encourage the students and the public to participate as we intend to collect some 81,000 eco-bricks at the end of the campaign on March 30,” she said.

By April, Cano said their group hopes to complete the learning center at Sitio Magwawa in Marilog, this city as the center will also serve as a daycare center and reading nook especially for the Indigenous Peoples children.

Source: ptvnews.ph

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