PDEA lauds Davao City’s reward scheme

Subscribe Now March 11, 2013 at 08:35am

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) over the weekend lauded the citywide anti-illegal drug campaign of Davao City, which includes giving incentives to persons who can provide information leading to the arrest of drug personalities. “We would like to extend our appreciation to the local government of Davao City, particularly Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, for its commitment to support the national campaign against dangerous drugs,” said Undersecretary Arturo Cacdac Jr., PDEA director general.

Cacdac made the statement following the announcement of Duterte in his local television program Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa (From the Masses, To the Masses) aired every Sunday, where he vowed to raise the cash reward to P10,000 to be given to anyone who can identify and report drug pushers and their activities in their neighborhood.

He initially offered P5,000 and is keen on doubling the amount as long as the information given is valid.

“The city government of Davao is determined to shield its constituents from the ill effects of substance abuse. Its strong stand in encouraging the active participation of citizens in identifying drug personalities so that they can be arrested and brought to justice is a worthy example that other local government units can emulate,” the PDEA chief said.

Source: manilatimes.net

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