Davao promoting organic agriculture

Subscribe Now March 29, 2012 at 10:01pm

According to Leo Avila III of the City Agriculture Office, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio signed an executive order convening the organic agriculture management council and also creating the technical committee on organic agriculture. The city was the first local government unit in the country to enact an organic agriculture ordinance with the passage of Ordinance 0384-10 in 2010.

The city is unable to force farmers to shift to organic methods of production, there is strong governmental promotion and support of it, for example in the provision of training, marketing support and research.

Avila says there are 100 organic farmers currently in the area, though this figure represents only registered organic producers. In reality there are likely to be many more growers in remote areas who are producing without recourse to pesticides and fertilizers.

The City Agriculture Office is also looking into setting up a regular organic farmers market to help the growers promote and sell their goods.

Davao city is also identifying an organic zone in Sibulan. Avila said they had identified 100 hectares of area which can be classified as organic agriculture zones.

Source: freshplaza.com

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