Davao traffic office to add more anti-jaywalking guards

Subscribe Now June 01, 2017 at 10:11am

THE Davao City Transportation and Traffic Management Office expects 60 additional personnel in July to strengthen the implementation of the Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance in the city.

Transportation and traffic management anti-jaywalking field inspector Donald Estoquia said they already sent the request to the City Mayor's Office earlier this year.

The department only has five personnel in the field to implement the ordinance.

Estoquia said the transport and traffic office was still able to apprehend 20 to 35 violators a day despite their lack of officers.

As of May 1 to May 30, Estoquia said they have recorded 503 jaywalkers who are mostly caught in downtown areas such as San Pedro, Bolton, Almendras, Ilustre, and Quirino streets.

He added that the City Government of Davao will provide citation tickets, which will be given to jaywalkers once apprehended, before the year ends.

"Once we have the citation tickets, the violators will have to either pay the penalty or defend themselves at the CTTMO office," Estoquia said.

The additional 60 officers, Estoquia said, will heighten the urgency of implementing the ordinance since many people are still indifferent with it.

Meanwhile, he said they will continue educating the people on the importance using pedestrian lanes while waiting for the citation tickets.

"Every time we see violators, we call their attention and warn them. That is the least thing we can do right now," Estoquia said.

Source: sunstar.com.ph

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