Davao investment office: No investors backing out

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THE Davao City Investment and Promotions Center Office (DCIPC) said their office has not received yet any information on any potential investors backing out amid the martial law declaration.

DCIPC officer-in-charge Lemuel Ortonio said they have assured the investors that the tighter security measure implemented in the city is an advantage to their end since they will know that they will be safe and secure here.

Ortonio said not much impact is expected.

"Normal lang nga in the next few days or next few weeks, ma-alangan pero it is normal I do not think it will have an impact," he said.

Ortonio said two days ago, they had a meeting with a Chinese investor, who is looking into a possibility to build tourism facilities in the city.

He added that they have communicated to the foreign attaches with regards to the security situation here in the city.

Ortonio added that the guidelines for the investors and businessman had already been approved by the city mayor and they are just waiting for its release.

"For a quick overview what is included 30 guidelines businesses it is highlighted there the basic guidelines to be followed by Davao Based companies we also have guidelines to help our visiting investors, and also guidelines for businesses operating at night or graveyard shift," he said.

Ortonio said a day after the President Rodrigo Duterte declares martial law in Mindanao, they met with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, who had been concerned about the lockdown and the curfew which may affect the operations of their business.

Ortonio added that they were able to assure that no curfew was implemented and lockdown was changed into a "hold and secure" situation.

He said that they have not received reports that the ICT sector lost clients or reduced number of customers.

Source: sunstar.com.ph

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