Davao airport mishap provides lessons

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A ranking official of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) said on Friday the June 2 mishap involving Cebu Pacific Air at the Davao International Airport provided important lessons not only to the airline industry but to the government as well.

The mishap resulted in a two-day closure of the airport exacting damage estimated from P250 million to P280 million to the region’s business sector, based on estimates of Davao business leaders.

“The mishap has accorded us important lessons: one is the readiness of the airline companies and airport authorities to quickly respond to such a situation and to ensure both passenger’s well-being and uninterrupted airport operations,” said Romeo M. Montenegro, MinDA investment promotion chief.

Mr. Montenegro said there is a need to deal with best alternative options in a more coordinated fashion particularly during accidents considering Davao airport is one of the busiest airline hubs in the country. “But we are glad it is now back to normal operations,” he said.

The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry earlier said it is pushing for an autonomous Davao International Airport Authority noting such move would improve the airport’s facilities and as well as services and that this would prepare the airport for more flights coming in.

Source: bworldonline.com

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