Davao City Councilor proposes anti-bullying ordinance

Subscribe Now July 13, 2022 at 06:51am

A DAVAO City Councilor is pushing for the enactment of an Anti-Bullying Ordinance.

On Tuesday, July 12, Councilor Enzo Villafuerte, in his privilege speech said that the proposed ordinance aims to address the occurrence of bullying, which has been considered by some people as a "normal occurrence."

"It is through this ordinance that we further promote the general welfare and well-being of our citizens - by recognizing that bullying is not an act done with justice, nor is it giving someone his due," he said.

He added that bullying is "unacceptable, deplorable, and does not bode well for the well-being of the citizens."

Villafuerte said bullying not only exists in schools but even in workplaces and online.

"Bullying leaves not just on those who take offense, but also on the offender, the normalization of bullying is a slippery slope," the councilor said.

"It invites us to accept that destructive behavior can be countenanced since it is usual practice, even a predisposition. This cannot be," he added.

He also said there should be a distinction between the "usual banter and full-fledged bullying," adding there should be a limit of one's free exercise of rights.

"It is in this delineation that we have defined limits of acceptable behavior from that which is well and truly offensive and objectionable," Villafuerte said.

After his speech, the proposed ordinance was passed and approved under the first reading.

Source: sunstar.com.ph

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