TF Davao stresses public cooperation in fight against terror

Subscribe Now July 05, 2020 at 10:12am

DAVAO City July 2 (PIA)- An officer of the Task Force Davao underscored the involvement of the residents in providing security in Davao City in the fight against terrorism.

Colonel Consolito Yecla, commander of the Task Force Davao said ordinary people can cooperate with the security forces by being vigilant and by putting to to life four acts to the culture of security namely, by volunteering, reporting, reminding and participating (VRRP).

“An ordinary student can volunteer himself for inspection during the holding of big events. Bringing of backpacks or wearing of jackets is not allowed in crowded areas. It is one of the little responsibilities being asked from a simple Davaoeno,” Yecla said.

He pointed out that if someone does not have bad intention, he must not make it hard for the security personnel to do the inspection.

Yecla stressed that being a person involved in the security is not an easy task.

“If the civilian yields right away for inspection, it makes the job easier and faster,” he said.

Yecla observed that Davao City residents cooperate easily to the orders of the city government.

He said imposing the culture of security will help in guarding the city terrorism.

Yecla stressed the support of Davaoenos, looking closely on the donations given to the checkpoints in times of the pandemic.

“Our response is to solicit their assistance through doing the culture of security through volunteering, reporting, reminding and participating,” he said.

Yecla also bared the launching of the campaign slogan, “pag may Nakita, dapat magsalita.”

He said the crucial part is the reporting of persons and events to prevent terrorism.

Recalling the incident at the Roxas Night Market Bombing Incident, Yecla said someone saw the bag containing the improvised explosive device before it blew up.

“Incidentally, the bag was not reported immediately to the authorities,” Yecla said.

He stressed the authorities need timely information to act immediately which could have prevented the explosion.

In the anti-drug abuse campaign, the Task Force Davao has apprehended a total of 138 drug personalities with a total worth of P14.5 Million of illegal drugs in the checkpoints in Sirawan and Lasang.

Yecla said the arrests and confiscation serve as their contribution to the local campaign and the President’s drive against illegal drugs.

He said that in June 29, 2020, Task Force Davao members intercepted a total of P725,000 worth of illegal drugs at the Lasang detachment.

Yecla said their anti-drugs campaign improved after the TF Davao operatives underwent training and workshops on interrogating and profiling suspects, and in looking into indicators of carrying contrabands.

“In October last year, we had an average yield at P55,000 a month worth of confiscated illegal drugs. After the training which we propagated in other checkpoints, our performance increased in the next five months, to P1.8 Million of confiscation per month,” he said.

Yecla said on regular days, the anti-drug campaign is working good until the implementation of the quarantine.


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