Davao Norte power firm launches cooperative movement

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POWER consumers in Davao Del Norte and Compostela Valley who were under pressured by the two warring agencies, controlling the Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative (Daneco) have launched a movement on Monday, July 11, that aimed for the establishment of a single service-oriented electric cooperative for the people.

Torn between the control imposed by the National Electrification Administration (NEA) and Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), a 1Daneco movement was introduced by individuals from different sectors yesterday to push for the people’s initiative for the creation of a genuine electric cooperative.

The creation of the movement was realized after the people experienced different problems due to the alleged state abandonment on the responsibility of providing electricity to the people.

It also brought confusion to them as the NEA and CDA are claiming that they were the Daneco operators.

The main concern of the movement is to call for a just collection of bills now that the people were allegedly burdened to pay Daneco’s debt to National Power Corporation (Napocor) amounting P600 Million, 1 Daneco Convenor Lhorlyn Heso told the media during the sidelines of the press conference on Monday.

The group campaigns that Daneco’s debt should not be shouldered by the public and to cancel the debt itself, punish those who allegedly plundered the cooperative, and provide for an electric cooperative that is service-oriented and not business-oriented.

Another concern they aired yesterday was the double billing that the people faced due to the feud between the two agencies.

Rotational brownouts and a massive blackout also threatened daily transactions and businesses in the province that require the use of electricity due to the problem, Heso said.

“Gusto namo nga magbuhat og bag-o nga Daneco Board of Directors nga
kamao modala sa tinuod nga Daneco (We want to have a new set of DANECO Board of Directors who will take control over a genuine DANECO),” Heso added, also emphasizing that they do not want the cooperative to be privatized.

In order to achieve their goals, 1 Daneco movement will initiate a series of general assemblies, propaganda, lobbying of petition in the local government units, Barangay Captains, Schools, and to release media primers on the issue they are faced with.

They also hoped that they will be given a chance to personally bring the issue to President Rodrigo Duterte during his first State of the Nation Address just like what happened during his inauguration where he had agreed to meet and talk with the different leaders of progressive groups who staged a congratulatory march for him.

Source: sunstar.com.ph

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