Davao imports up in first quarter

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THE regional office of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) recorded an increase in Davao Region's imports by 1.8 percent to $421.6 million in the first quarter of this year from $414 million registered in the same period last year.

Based on the data released by PSA, oil products were the top import commodities.

Topping the list are medium oils and preparations like lamp kerosene, aviation turbine fuel, lubricating oils, among others at $32.6 million.

Taiwan is the major source of the commodity with a total value of $19.8 million with volume of 46.6 million kilograms. Singapore ($9.3 million), Korea ($3 million), Thailand ($410,980), and Malaysia ($27,580) were also the main sources of the commodity.

Light oils and preparations, like motor spirit premium leaded, unleaded, and regular, among others, placed second as the most imported commodity by the region with $25.8 million. The commodity top source is still Taiwan, with $15.9 million FOB value.

Urea completed the top three most imported commodity of the region with $21.3 million. Main country source is China at $13.4 million with 46.8 million kilograms in volume.

Parts of steam or other vapor generating boilers are the fourth most imported commodities at $17.7 million with 1.1 million kilograms. The commodity's top source is Taiwan at $15.7 million.

Rounding up the top five most imported commodities as of the first quarter of this year is Meslin and other wheat for human consumption at $14.5 million. Major source of the commodity is USA at $9.9 million.

Also part of the top 10 imported commodities in the region are unbleached kraftlinerk ($14 million), semi-chemical fluting paper ($12 million), ammonium sulphate ($11.9 million), animal or vegetable fats and oils and their fractions ($10.3 million) and other coal other than anthracite and bituminous coal ($9.6 million).

China has remained a major import market for Davao Region's commodities at $101.9 million, followed by Taiwan ($82 million), USA ($38.4 million), Indonesia ($36.2 million), Singapore ($27.8 million), Japan ($20.7 million), Malaysia ($15.4 million), Korea ($13.8 million), Thailand ($10.7 million) and Canada ($9.1 million).

Source: sunstar.com.ph

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