Rudi's Davao and Erap's Manila

Subscribe Now July 09, 2013 at 08:02pm

Two welcome developments have recently come about whose bright prospects and implications have not been fully appreciated by the general public or by the Aquino administration.

Former mayor, then Vice-mayor, and now newly elected mayor of Davao City, Rodrigo “Rudi” Duterte has given clear and graphic notice to all city bad boys, crooks, pickpockets, muggers, vandals, and holduppers to leave town, as in western cowboy movies, either standing up (vertical) or stiff (horizontal).

Mayor Duterte’s no-nonsense and crime-and-punishment style of governance has become legendary in Mindanao and Davao.

In Manila, former San Juan mayor, Senator, Vice President, former President, and now newly elected honorable mayor of the City of Manila, Joseph “Erap” Ejercito-Estrada, started his three years tenure with a symbolic broomstick to signify a new reformist era for Manila.

The mission order is to cleanse, decongest, and eradicate Manila’s crime-ridden ghettoes, informal settlers, city hall irregularities, police corruption, filth, pollution, drug menace, criminality, and urban blight for which Manila has recently been unfairly described as the “gates of hell.”

Notwithstanding the protestations of human rights groups, bleeding hearts, NPA agent provocateurs, and political critics, the citizens of Davao unequivocally welcome and take pride in their city’s peaceful aura, ambience, cleanliness, discipline, and general climate of tranquility which can only be attributed to Mayor Duterte’s dedication and strict governance. No exceptions.

As for the people of Manila, they have high expectations and hopes that former President now Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada will bring about fundamental changes and restore Manila’s past glory. Without re-inventing itself, Manila can resurrect its beauty, its re-birth, and its resiliency by guaranteeing the safety of citizens, homes, streets, and visitors from violence, dishonesty, police “kotong,” swindlers, rape, kidnapping, carjacking, pickpockets, and muggers.

If Mayor Estrada, in the next three years, can keep Manila streets relatively safe, cleaner, including the esteros, with an honest police force, less red tape and corruption in public offices, and forceful dismantling of drug and criminal syndicates, he may yet be become Manila’s finest Chief Executive ever.

The third of the troika hopefuls that can transform the Philippines into a model example of safety, friendliness, and “more fun” tourist destination is the Binay fiefdown of Makati of newly re-elected Mayor Jejomar “Jun-jun” Binay Jr. Makati City is not only the richest or second richest city in terms of revenue, albeit with the largest squatter population in the country, but has also the nation’s most well-known corrupt police force, and the most notoriously corrupt traffic enforcers and traffic management.

If Mayor Binay can correct and reverse this notoriety and disrepute of Makati City, then perhaps Mayor Jun-jun Binay can proudly join the illustrious company of Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada and Mayor Rodrigo “Rudi” Duterte.

When all is said and done, if these three city mayors can bring glory and fame to their respective mandates and cities, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III, in 2016, can also claim credit for them as his own as the triumph of collective good governance during his watch.


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