Mayor Duterte sworn in for unprecedented 7th term

Subscribe Now July 01, 2013 at 08:17am

Already holding the distinction of being the longest-serving mayor of Davao City, Rodrigo Duterte took his oath Sunday as local chief executive for an unprecedented seventh term.

The 68-year-old Duterte took his oath of office before Municipal Trial Court in Cities executive judge Jean Jaugan-Lo in a simple but momentous ceremony witnessed by other local officials, invited guests and representatives of the different sectors at the footsteps of City Hall.

The mayor was joined by son Sebastian and daughter Veronica during the ritual, which was aired live through his regular television program "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa" over ABC-CBN.

Mayor Duterte delivered just a short but explicit inaugural speech, thanking the people of Davao for their continued support and trust in him and reiterating his warning to criminals.

"Several years have passed since I took my oath of office for the first of many times as mayor of the city and let me now say with a deep sense of gratitude that whatever gains and awards we amassed would never have been ours were it not for the support and cooperation that you -- the people -- gave the city's leadership," Duterte said.

"That is why I always that the most valuable asset that Davao City has been gifted with, is not only its flora and fauna, nor its fertile fields nor its pristine water nor its abundant natural resources but also its people," he added.

Duterte was first elected mayor of Davao City in 1988 and held the position until 1997. Constitutional limits in the term of office prevented him from serving Davao as mayor in 1998 to 2001, although he continued to serve the city as representative of the first district during this time.

In 2001, Duterte staged a comeback and won again as mayor, which would set the tone for another nine years as local chief executive.

In 2010, he ran as vice mayor of Davao City because of constitutional constraints again, and made her daughter, Sara Duterte, mayor.

Mayor Duterte was again bold in his inaugural speech Sunday morning, specifically when he issued another stern warning against criminals.

But there was a feeling of desolation in him for this very important occasion. This was the first time that Duterte took his oath of office sans his mother at his side.

The mayor admitted to reporters he still has not overcome Nanay Soleng's death.

"Loneliness," Duterte said.


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