Davao preparing for Kadayawan

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The city government is preparing for this year’s Kadayawan Festival, a cultural event that significantly boosts the local economy through trade and tourism.

Lisette C. Marques, newly appointed city tourism officer, said this year’s festivity will carry last year’s tagline “10 Tribes, 1 Vibe” and will kick off with the “Panagtagbo” on Aug. 9.

The tribal gathering aims to showcase each community’s music and dance.

Kadayawan, a traditional tribal festival for good harvest, has been practiced here by upland dwellers for centuries.

The celebration was popularized in the 1970s during the administration of Elias B. Lopez of the Bagobo tribe and a former student leader at the University of the Philippines. He was elected mayor in late 1960s.

During the Kadayawan, highlighted by a weekend floral and fruit parade as well as street dancing, hotels in the city generally post full occupancy not only from visitors outside Mindanao but from moneyed families in nearby regions.

It is estimated that as many as 50,000 visitors come here during the Kadayawan weekend. Sales in stores and dining shops in shopping malls usually hit the roof, approximating Christmas sales figures, when the Kadayawan highlight activities are held, which comes in the second weekend of August.

Another major event in the festival is the “Hiyas sa Kadayawan” pageant that chooses not only the fairest but the smartest girls as well from different in the city.

“Indak Indak sa Kadalanan” or street dancing competition showcases the best of Davao and nearby provinces and is scheduled on Aug. 17.

Based on previous celebrations, this activity will have participating contingents from other regions in Mindanao.

The “Pamulak Kadayawan,” a floral and fruit parade would be held on Aug. 18.

Ms. Marques said this year’s festival would also highlight “Tunog Mindanao” on Aug. 10 and “Sayaw Mindanao” on Aug. 14 to 15. Like in previous years, this year’s festival will be supported by corporate sponsors with some contributions from the city government.

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