Aftermath of shootout posted on Duterte's Facebook

Subscribe Now July 11, 2013 at 08:26pm

A graphic video of the aftermath of a shootout between authorities and three suspected kidnappers in Davao on Thursday has been posted on Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte's official Facebook account.

The video, dated 1:31 PM on July 11, is captioned with the words "Sa mga kriminal, kung gusto ninyo mamatay, testingi ang dabaw [For the criminals, if you want to die, test Davao]."

The video shows the three dead men shot by authorities earlier on Thursday, and the white Mitsubishi Montero that they were riding in when they were killed.

Viewers are treated to a view of the front part of the Montero that is riddled with bullets, along with one of the alleged kidnappers drenched in blood, partially slumped along the side of the road, half of his body still inside the vehicle.

The cameraman then slowly goes around the vehicle, and shows a man lying across both the passenger and driver seat of the Montero. The man shows a very visible head wound, possibly caused by a bullet fired by authorities during the encounter. The cameraman then shows a close up of the wound, brain fragments and all.

Newly elected mayor Rodrigo Duterte has renewed his warning on criminals to leave Davao last month when he took office, saying that "you can leave either vertically or horizontally.” Duterte's tough stance on crime has made Davao City one of the safest in the nation.


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