Vice mayor threatens leader of squatters with arrest

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DAVAO CITY Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte vowed to arrest the leader of squatters in Victoria Village, Matina Aplya, Davao City, Sunday. Manolito Gabas was reportedly presenting a fake document from the Supreme Court and even collected a P250 fee from each of his members to allow them to squat on the area.

Gabas also made his members undergo a three-day seminar for them to understand the directives in owning a house. But Gabas is now nowhere to be found after some residents in Matina Aplaya filed a complaint against him before the Office of the Vice Mayor.

"Wait until I catch you (Gabas) kay ipakaon jud nako sa imo ng papel nimo (I will make you eat that fake document). I will arrest you. I don't like that, I felt offended," Duterte said, adding that the suspect is instigating chaos in the city.

Duterte warned the residents who were duped by the suspect to leave and look for another place because their stay in the area is illegal.

He added that residents should also file complaints before the City Mayor’s Office.

"Since I am not the mayor, you file your complaint to Mayor Sara Z. Duterte. Just one complainant would do, just give us the direction and go to her. I'm sure she will demolish the squatter," Duterte said.

Duterte also alerted the Davao City Police Office and other government authorities to assist the land owners and arrest the suspect as soon as possible.

Source: Ivy C. Tejano

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