Continuous downpour damages roads, bridges

Subscribe Now January 16, 2014 at 08:29am

Continuous downpour caused by the low pressure area (LPA) since Saturday has damaged 11 national roads and 12 bridges in Davao Oriental, Davao del Norte, and Compostela Valley.

The Department of Public Works and Highways-Davao Region (DPWH 11) reported that as of Tuesday, national roads that were affected are Daang Maharlika, Carmen-Dapecol Comp, Tagum-Panabo circumferential road, Asuncion-San Isidro-Laak Veruela, Cateel-Compostela, Montevista-Dnas, Surigao Sur-Davao Oriental coastal, Montevista-Compostela-New Bataan-Mar Agusan-Mati boundary road, Manat-Maragusan, junction Manikiling-Governor Generosa, and Tibanban-Lavigan road.

DPWH regional information officer Jose Dennis Flores said they are clearing the roads to ensure access, adding that they will begin accounting the damages once the clearing is done.

Sections of Daang Maharlika, Carmen-Dapecol road, Tagum-Panabo circumferential road, and Asuncion-San Isidro-Laak Veruela road are still underwater.

Landslides, road slips, road cuts, and rockslides in intermittent sections of Cateel-Compostela road, Montevista-Dnas road, Surigao Sur-Davao Oriental coastal road, Montevista-Compostela-New Bataan-Mar Agusan-Mati boundary road, and Manat-Maragusan were also reported.

Damages in bridge were also reported in junction of Manikiling-Governor Generosa road and Tibanban-Lavigan road.

National bridges that were affected include Odiongan bridge in Cateel-Compostela road; Quinonoan bridge, Caraga bridge, Governor Palma Gil bridge, Lumao bridge, Taytayan bridge, Carabatuan bridge, Ibobotoc bridge, and Dakung banua bridge in Surigao Sur-Davao Oriental coastal road; Bitaugan Bridge in junction Manikiling-Governor Generosa road, and; Magdug bridge and Tubo-Tubo bridge in Tibanban-Lavigan road.

Flores said that Caraga Bridge, Governor Palma Gil Bridge, and Lumao Bridge are the only bridges that are still impassable while the rest are undergoing embankment and scouring.

He said the embankment of the small bridges will be finished by Friday this week, the earliest, or Friday next week. They will be constructing temporary bridges to make sure that access is available.

Caraga bridge's piers 12 and 13 were damaged, Lumao Bridge was totally washed-out, and a portion of the Governor Palma Gil Bridge was also washed out.

"The bridges that were damaged were weak already. The Governor Palma Gil Bridge and the Lumao Bridge were damaged during Typhoon Pablo in 2012 and were supposed to be reconstructed this year while the Caraga Bridge was damaged January last year," he said.

Flores said they have provided pump boats for the areas where Governor Palma Gil Bridge and Lumao Bridge are located so that the mobility and trade can continue.

They did not provide pump boats in the area of Caraga Bridge since the current of the river is swift.

"The boats will be there until we finish constructing the temporary bridges and there is no charge for those who will avail of the service," he said.

Flores said that under the Presidential Bridges Program, the materials for the temporary bridges are already available and all they need to do now is to "assemble it like Lego blocks." It will take around two months to finish the assembly of the bridges.

He said the agency is doing its best to ensure that all roads and bridges are passable as soon as possible so the flow of traffic and economic activity can continue.


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