Councilor wants fish trading center for Davao

Subscribe Now February 27, 2015 at 10:24am

DAVAO City Councilor Leonardo Avila III urged the City Agriculturist Office and City Planning and Development Office to conduct a feasibility study for the establishment of a fish trading center in the city.

Avila also called on the private sector to extend data on the local performance of the fishing industry.

"I know that is something our fishermen in Davao City want: a place where they can sell their catch at fair price, in transparent manner. I think if we build something like that and provide facilities to support the trading of fish/seafood, it even has the potential to help the 43,525 fisherfolk in Davao Region," Avila said in his privilege speech during the regular session on Tuesday.

He said Argie Lumba, chair of City Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, sent an endorsement letter on the establishment of a fish trading center in Davao City.

It was learned that the proposal to construct and operate a center that would facilitate the direct marketing of fish catch of fisherfolk is provided under the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Comprehensive Fisheries Code of Davao City.

It states that "fisherfolk will have better access to several buyers at one site, reducing their transaction cost and improving their bargaining power." "Buyers will have better access to fresh fish and other seafood."

Should the center be pushed through, Avila said it will "increase population vis-à-vis decreasing fish catch, competition of imported and other fish products come from outside the region, return of investment, considering the many public markets and private supermarkets, groceries and marine product outlets, gap between the existing facilities like cold storage, dryers and fish processing plants, and the needs of the fishing industry."


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