BFP Davao lacks firefighters

Subscribe Now February 29, 2012 at 12:24pm

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in Region 11, in relation to the number of fire inspectors and firemen is 1:7,000 population, according to Fire Inspector Nestor Jimenez. Jimenez said the ideal ratio is 1 fireman to 2,000 population. But due to the problem of personnel shortage, the ratio has gone absurd.

He said in every 100 establishments there should be two fire inspectors to do the inspection routine.

In Region 11, there are 751 firemen including non-uniformed or those technical people and clerks but are skilled firefighters. The uniformed firemen are 39.

In Davao City alone, there are 220 firemen and there are thousands of structures considered as fire hazard, Jimenez said.

The bureau conducts a quarterly inspection or periodic inspection of the establishments to determine if there are no changes in the structure based in their original application.

Due to the scarcity of firemen, fire volunteer brigades are seen to respond in fire incidents.

Jimenez however clarified certain protocols which the fire volunteers should observe in case of fire.

In first alarm or notice of fire incidents, the fire volunteers should not respond. In case they receive information of the first alarm, they should feed this to the Bureau of Fire Protection. They are only allowed to swoop to the fire scene in the second up to the fifth alarm, Jimenez said.

And in case they arrived first at the fire scene, upon the sight of the government firemen or troops, they should back out to pave the way for the government fire fighters and advance later to help in fighting the fire.

“The month of March is declared as Fire Prevention Month. Included in the line-up of activities is the massive inspection of buildings and other structures in the city,” Jimenez said.

This year will be the 37th Fire Prevention Month, he added.


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