Railway system not a solution to Davao’s transport says expert

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A railway system may be the most ideal solution of a transport system, but it couldn’t work in a spread-out city like Davao.

This is the take of Asian Development Bank (ADB) urban transport specialist Engr. Rene Santiago who is currently doing a study for Davao’s transport system. “The proposal for the establishment of a light rail transit (LRT) here in Davao is not feasible. It is a luxury that the city cannot afford." he said.

Most countries, he claimed, which had a railway system before are shifting to a new transport mode with the advent of cars and other vehicles.

However, Davao which is challenged by a spread-out geography may find this mega infrastructure just a waste of money and will never solve transportation problem.

Instead, the expert recommended that the city government would rather focus in improving the tricycles, taxi, and jeepneys.

It was observed that the operation of these modes of transportation was fully shouldered by the private sector. The government, on its part, has a role to embrace in this public transportation.

Recommendations of Santiago include the possibility of converting these tricycles into electrical ones considering the socio-economic aspect that the city must also espouse.

“There is also a need to upgrade the standards of these tricycles in such a way that the riding public wouldn’t hesitate to ride on it. Facilities must be put in place for the comfort of the people.” he said.

Going clean is also the track followed by most developed countries. One of the scheme that Davao may apply, he said, is the use of bicycles as a cost-efficient mode of transpo. Many European countries are going back to the use of bicycles.

“Davao may start applying it here by creating bike lanes as this would urge the public to try out this mode of transportation.” he said.

The expert urged the city government to lead in making Davao a model city for efficient transport system.

Source: pia.gov.ph

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