New eaglet at PEC Davao dies

Subscribe Now February 22, 2011 at 09:37pm

The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) has announced that the recently hatched eaglet at the Philippine Eagle Center (PEC) here died on Monday of respiratory arrest following sudden bouts of vomiting and diarrhea on February 16. Dennis Salvador, PEF executive director, said keepers had noticed that Chick #24, hatched last January 19, was not growing at the same rate as other Philippine Eagle chicks at the eagle center.

Salvador said the eaglet's death could be attributed to the fact that it started off as a small egg (smallest egg on record). It was half the weight of what it was supposed to be at 28 days old; only 500 grams when it should be almost a kilo. This pattern continued with the chick then beginning to lose interest in feeding.

“Nutritional supplements failed to improve its condition, which declined very rapidly. The chick eventually died of respiratory ailment,” Salvador said.

A necropsy and examination performed by PEF veterinarians suspected that the chick had mal-absorption syndrome, a condition which prevents the chick from processing its food and absorbing the nutrients from it. This was a condition that could not have been foreseen nor prevented. Even if it had managed to survive, this bird would not have been releasable, he said.

“We regret this sad news, but we assure the public that we continue to explore ways to improve our breeding and rearing protocols at PEC, and hope for your continued support as we continue in our research and conservation actions for our endangered national bird,” Salvador said.


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