Davao City woos big IT players

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With the advent of Valentine’s Day, Davao City is in a courting mode-- for big-ticket I.T. (information technology) investments that is.

According to Bert Barriga ICT Davao president, there are at least five big call center companies eyeing Davao City as a site for their operations. Citing confidentiality agreement, Barriga refused to disclose the identities of these call center firms. He said these companies are in the process of making due diligence, double checking on the city for its suitability as their investment site.

Barriga said these call centers are within the top 20 call center companies in the country. “We estimate that each company would have at least 200 seats.” Barriga adds. One call center company is looking for 600 seats by phases.

Aside from call centers, the city is also looking for non-voice IT locators. One company exploring the city’s suitability is a big infotech company from Singapore. While another firm, an international innovations company has already set up a research and development shop in the city, it is planning to move its manufacturing operations here in Davao from China.

The innovations company which Barriga refuses to disclose again due to confidentiality clauses is into the manufacture of high-tech gadgets which could revolutionize world markets.

If the relocation of the manufacturing operations would push through the company would need at least 100 skilled workers. Barriga said that the company is eyeing P10,000 a month wages for these workers.

“This is why we need to position ourselves to invite more international innovation companies.” Barriga said noting the level of wages and benefits these IT companies are giving to their workforce.

Currently the IT sector in the city has around 11,000 full-time employees. Around 8,000 of which are working for the voice sector and other 3,000 people working as medical transcriptionist, software developers, process engineers and other allied professions in the non-voice IT sector.

Source: pia.gov.ph

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