Creativity, a bright spot for Davao software developers

Subscribe Now December 03, 2010 at 02:56am

Despite being small players in the industry, creativity is among the major strengths of local software developers say Atty. Sam Matunog president of the Davao Software Industry Incorporated (DSII) said.

He said that software firms here in Davao number about 10 to 20 people where as compared to India, small software firms employ about a hundred people.

However he said during his visit in India, they were able to compare their software products and said that locally-produced software systems are better than their Indian counterparts. "It's because software developers here are more creative. There is even a local two-man software company who makes top-of the line software better than those 100-man companies," Matunog said.

Among software products being made by local developers include accounting systems, front desk systems, hospital information system, online student registry system, medical informatics and a content aggregator using social networks.

As compared to overseas made software our products are competitive and cost effective. Matunog says.

Matunog who also heads Segworks a local software firm said that average valuation of their products would amount to about P9-million.

Because of their creativity, local developers are being pirated to work abroad. His company alone lost two of their best developers recently. Matunog admitted that because of demand for talents abroad he is experiencing a worker turn-over of 80%.

An experienced local developer can earn about P25 to P30-thousand and double that amount when he goes abroad. Matunog says. There a number of I.T. schools in the city that can supply the talent needs of the industry at the moment.

"Having a software development industry here in Davao is an advantage. First because the pay is high, then the workers don't have to leave abroad and you utilize your innate creativity." Matunog says.

Most of the software firms here in Davao City he said are development laboratories with main offices located overseas.

Among the bigger software development firms in the city are outsourcing companies.

His software association counts 30 members but Matunog says that there are more people and companies out there.

To entice software developers to come out, the DSII in cooperation with the Transcription Alliance of Davao, Davao United Association of Animators and Designers Inc and with the support of ICT Davao is organizing the first ever Software Exhibition in Davao City which is dubbed as "Sex in D' City."

"They need to come out in the open. To aggressively market their products and to show to the public their capabilities. Many of them think that they don't need to promote." Matunog said, inviting local software developers to participate in the exhibit.

About 38 exhibitors have already signed up for the event which will be held this December 5 and 6. He hopes the event can entice more developers to come out in the open so as to clearly assess the local software industry.

Aside from assessment, Matunog says that during the exhibit the software developers will be able to foresee where the industry is going.

"In the past we had palm devices and then we got smart phones, now we have tablets running on android operating systems." Matunog says. To emphasize the industry's grasp on updated technology, local software developers are currently working on a wireless medical dashboard, where doctors can keep tab on their patients using portable media tablets like Apple's iPad.


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