DOE proposes hike in Bio-diesel fuel blend

Subscribe Now August 03, 2013 at 10:35am

The Department of Energy conducted its first leg of consultations on National Biodiesel program, proposing to increase the blend of Biodiesel from two percent to five percent consumption.

Zenaida Monzada, officer-in-charge of the Oil Industry Management Board of the DOE said their agency wants to gather reasonable basis on the way to push the Bio-fuels Law, particularly on the use of Bio-diesel.

She said that the Blend 5 of the bio-diesel (B-5) is excluded in the Bio-fuels Law, though this policy encourages the use of more Bio-fuel to substitute the petroleum-based fuel.

“From the DOE perspective, it is aimed at reducing dependence on imported oil, while using locally-produced substitute,” Monzada said.
She said the use of Bio-fuel lessens the outflow of foreign exchange.

Monzada also said the use of Bio-fuel also supports the advocacy for clean air given that its by-product is Oxygen and not Carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming.

She said the demand for Bio-diesel also aims to improve the plight of coconut farmers.

“The DOE is now looking into how to use more the Bio-fuels,” Monzada said.

She also explained that the use of five percent Bio-diesel in the mixture of diesel fuel is encouraged, because of its proven compatibility with diesel-fuel engines.

Monzada said based on the Worldwide Fuel Charter, five percent of Bio-diesel blend is compatible with diesel-fed engines.
She said car engine no longer needs modification even with the use of five percent Biodiesel Blend.

Monzada said the current Bio-fuels Law only mandates the use of up to two percent of Bio-diesel.

“It means B-5 can be used on conventional vehicles and it is advantageous to the country because of the many coconut plantations in the country which guarantee supply of Bio-diesel,” she said.

Monzada urged the National Economic and Development Authority to come up with its own national study on the impact on increasing the price of the Bio-diesel to various sectors.


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