LIST: Davao del Sur's underrated destinations to visit

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For thrill-seekers who are tired of the beach as the usual go-to place every summer, Matanao, Davao del Sur has the following attractions that may be of interest to them.


The Sub'on Cave, one of the underrated gems of the south, is a 30-minute drive away from the Matanao town center.

Majestic limestone formations and natural clear water throughout the trail will cancel all the weariness from the full hour of walking and crawling inside.

Direct your spotlight on some of the rocks, look closely and you see a beautiful shimmer.

Previously, one needs to rappel his or her way up to get out of the cave upon reaching the end of the trail. But the local government unit (LGU) temporarily postponed the rappelling activity due to the risk of landslide.

During rainy days, the Sub’on Cave is closed as the water tends to overflow.

The local government not only it attends to its eco-tourism but also preserves the richness of its culture as native Blaan residents serve as local tour guides and receptionists.

According to local Tourism Officer Clover Caballero, Sub’on Cave is the first cave to open in Matanao.

“So far, there are five caves assessed by the DENR and they are for tourism,” Cabellero said.


A postcard-perfect scenery of the ridges with a landscape filled with colorful flowers is sure a best spot to refresh this summer, too.

Jame’s Haven View in Barangay Asbang offers a very pleasant sight while situated in a nipa hut and enjoying a cup of native chocolate drink they serve.

Before sunrise, a “sea of clouds” surrounds the mountains and cool breeze fills the air. This is an almost daily phenomenon.

Time to pencil it in your travel plans especially as the LGU is starting to develop camping sites and overnight accommodations.

“As of last year, we have a total of 121,000 day tour visitors, for the entire 2021. Some tourists would want to really stay here overnight since our area have visible fogs every morning and evening,” Caballero said.


But if the cool breeze is not enough to take away the summer heat, plunging into an ice-cold water falls could be an alternative. This is what Balnunto Falls in Sitio Colonsabac offers.

More or less a hundred steps all the way down and one reaches the scenic spot, where the heavy drop and rush of water remain the only noise in the area.

Guests of all ages will surely enjoy taking a dip here and appreciate the big rock formations around.

Ready your muscles though when you climb up after the visit as it’s not as easy as going down.

While the LGU encourages leisure visits to their town, it is reminding tourists to follow minimum health protocols during this pandemic.


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