Missing arm of Jesus now back at Davao cathedral

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The left arm of the statue of Jesus Christ which was reported missing after last Sunday’s traditional "Sugat" or "Salubong" is now back at the San Pedro Cathedral.

The statue, which is usually kept in one of the rooms of the Cathedral, was on display for Roman Catholic devotees celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“It was not stolen. Kabalo ko nga wala to gikawat kay naa man ko gi-assign nga magbantay kung naa’y magduol didto (I know it was not stolen because I assigned someone to look after the statue in case people want to go near),” San Pedro Parish Secretary Leenard Baquial said Monday.

He said the left arm of the 20-year-old statue was made of wood. It has cracks due to age and under the charge of caretaker for safekeeping.

According to Bacquial, the regular kissing and wiping of people worshipping the image may have caused the cracks.

He said thieves do not have any reason to steal the arms of the statue because it is not made of gold or other precious materials. It is not also effective in healing for the sick, he added.

Baquial said devotees should not put meaning behind the incident as it was not intentional. “There is no mystery behind the missing hand,” he added.

The same statue was a witness to many events at the cathedral including the bombing incidents in 1981 and 1993.

Source: interaksyon.com

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