Davao wants utility cables underground

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The local government aims to get rid of messy overhead cable wires all over the city through a pending ordinance to require power and telecommunications companies to install their cables underground.

“A uniform underground standard for power and telecommunication cables will soon be implemented once the ordinance is approved,” said Councilor Leonardo R. Avila III, chairman of the committee on transportation and communication.

At present, the city has a vertical, aboveground cable system with the telecommunications, media and power cables hung on overhead poles. As early as August last year, Mr. Avila informed the local pole users association regarding the plan.

Mr. Avila has also met with officials of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. and Davao Light and Power Co., and he learned that PLDT’s cables are already underground.

“It is Davao Light which will face a challenge since their cables are still up,” Mr. Avila said.

Given the cost of underground cabling, the power company will start with city hall, which is an old structure dating back to 1926, when it was used by the American colonial government as a municipal hall.

The ordinance will also add a building permit application requirement as the city will now require buildings to have a service entrance for communication cables, in addition to the present requirement of a service entrance for electric cables.

“This will not only make the establishments look more aesthetic but it will also make their connections more efficient and safe,” he said.

Mr. Avila said new buildings will be required to comply with the new provision on the service entrance for communication cables, but old buildings will be given two to three years to comply.

Source: bworldonline.com

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