Davao exec tells driver to sue his son

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Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of this city urged a bus driver to sue his son, City Councilor Paolo Duterte, for allegedly beating him over a traffic incident last week. In his televised program on Sunday, the vice mayor said bus driver Arnold Cobol should sue his son if he felt his rights were violated.

The young Duterte allegedly chased Cobol, a driver of Weena Bus Company, after the councilor saw him beat the red light along Quimpo Boulevard in the morning of April 2.

When the bus driver reportedly refused to stop, Duterte blocked the vehicle's path with his car and allegedly took his gun out and ordered the driver to disembark. But Cobol still refused.

The councilor then went up the bus and allegedly hit the bus driver with a baton in the face and body.

"File a case against my son. He is a City Councilor and he knows what he is doing and the consequences of his actions," the vice mayor said.

However, the elder Duterte admitted that if he had been placed in the same situation, he would have done the same. Vice Mayor Duterte has been known to chase and teach abusive drivers lessons they would never forget.

"You know me and how I maul abusive drivers. But these are those who do not listen to warnings and so this is the only way to teach them a lesson," the vice mayor said in vernacular.

The vice mayor also warned drivers to follow the traffic rules as he vowed to castigate those he catches violating traffic laws.

Duterte reminded the public that he will not allow abusive drivers to continue their way of driving as they can cause major accidents.

He also lamented that drivers could easily violate the laws at night since there are no traffic enforcers watching the streets.

"What is really, sad especially at night, when drivers see a green light from far away they rev up so fast, which can become one big tragedy," Duterte said.

He said the drivers could file charges in court or even before the Office of the Ombudsman, if they want to do so.

Several years back, then congressman Duterte resigned from his post after his son was also involved in a heated altercation. The victim refused to file charges against Paolo since his father was then a congressional representative.

In a text message, Councilor Duterte admitted the confrontation.

"I don't start a fight. He was arrogant and I did not maul him. I have witnesses to prove how arrogant he was. If nobody takes my side, it’s okay. Let him press charges. Such is life," the young councilor said.

Councilor Duterte said the arrogant driver deserved what he got and that he would not think twice in doing the same if confronted with the same situation again.

The councilor said the bus driver was boasting that his boss is no other than Digoy Valdevieso who owns the Weena Bus fleet.

"Will we allow a driver who committed a violation to scare us with the name Digoy Valdevieso? If I commit an offense, is it also okay to say that my boss is Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte? I even toe the line and how much more for someone like him who is not from Davao," the councilor said.

Source: sunstar.com.ph

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